Friday 27th of April OUT! arrives. A cinema exhibition of affective diversity at the Balearic Islands with realising in Spain of The Cakemaker at Cine Ciutat. A date that will count with the presence of the german-isreal director and screenwriter Ofir Raul Grazier.


The tape explains the story of Thomas, a talented cake maker from Berlin, keeps a romance with Orin, an Israeli youngster who frequently visits the city on business duties. When Orin dies in a car accident in Israel, Thomas travels to Jerusalem to look for answers. Under a fake identity, he enters the life of Anat, the widow of his lover, who owns a little coffee shop in the center of the city. Thomas starts working for her making cakes and other sweets that bring life back to the boring local, but soon he will see himself involved in Anat’s life in a very different way that he would have expected, to protect the truth he shall keep ongoing his lie to a no turning back point.


The Cakemaker will give way to projections and parallel activities at Cine Ciutat, Es Baluard and Bocalto Restaurant from the 27th to the 29th of April.


OUT! is the introduction to the Balearic Islands of cinema about the affective, sexual and genre diversity that is already working and succeeding in other places of spanish geography and means the recognition of new affective, emotional and sexual realities that exist in our society.


The philosophy of the exhibition reflects in a big program with a steep glance and details about the human sexuality and tenderness without falling in stereotypes, but in an adequate reality of today to different sensitivities. That is why films of different locations are being proposed to talk about topics such as love, sexuality, family, exclusion, fight and art.


Projection of the feature film The Cakemaker of Ofir Raul Graizer.
20h Friday April 27th at CineCiutat.