PrEP ( Profilaxis Preexposition) is a resource for the prevention of HIV. Many studies, ( iPrEX, Ipergay, Proud ), have proved it’s security and efficiency. Many countries around the world are including this new preventive task at their health care systems, between them we should highlight USA, France, Norway, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Brasil, Kenia… These countries are making PrEP accessible to a vulnerable citizenship to the infection of HIV.


In 2015, filmmaker Nicholas Feustel made a documentary about the rehearsal PROUD PREP from England. The documentary showed the events from the community from the whole UK and focused on the educational events from the PrEPster community about impulsing PrEPster. In January 2017, Nicholas came back to London to pick up what had succeeded from PrEP from the ending of his last film. PrEP17 explores the stories of more than a dozen activists from PrEP; actual users and old one; clinics and politics. The documentary of 36 minutes long, sheds light about how PrEP has become available for thousands of people even though the sanitary system fails. At OUT! we will show the PrEP 17  documentary in one of the parallel activities of this first edition: Let’s talk about PrEP.


After the projection of the documentary, we will talk about PrEP with sanitary and social specialists: Joan Francesc Mir [pharmaceutical consultant and researcher], Sonia Justo [psychologist of ALAS], Dr. Melcior Riera [responsible for infectious diseases of Son Espases], Rosa Aranguren [coordinator of AIDS and Sexuality] and Oriol Coma [ex-user of PrEP] ]


Projection of the PrEP’17 documentary and colloquium
11.30h Sunday April 29th at Es Baluard Auditorium