The first OUT! cinema exhibition of affective diversity counts with parallel activities at the projections, one of them is this Coffee and Cinema LGTBI meeting, where we will find professionals of the industry taking coffee and chatting to the assistents to discover how the market, the distribution and the cinema exhibition of LGTBI is currently.


That’s why OUT! will have the help of three world agents of the affective diversity cinema: a French distributor, a festival director from Barcelona and an Israeli director of cinema.


· Philippe Taverna (distribuitor)

· Antoine Leonetti (codirector of Fire !! Internation Exhibition of Lesbian and Gay cinema at Barcelona and Commisioner of OUT!)

· Ofir Raul Graizer (director of the film The Cakemaker)


Parallel activity: Coffee & Cinema LGTBI.
11.30h Saturday April 28th, at Bocalto Restaurant.